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This WOrld CP Day 2017 StepUp Pakistan Going National to International !

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StepUp Pakistan and P2L Exploring Accessible Pakistan WCPD2017

WCPD2017 Exploring Accessible Pakistan
       Our World CP Day Awareness Walk at Greater Iqbal Park Lahore: We at #StepUp4Pakistan this #WorldCPDay2017 challenged our team to #ExploreAccessiblePakistan which included a tour with #SightseeingBusLahore and a #Walk @GreaterIqblPark with our #volunteers, #partners and #CPfamilies. It was an important step to measure #real extent of #accessibility #Disability #Inclusion #awareness #CerebralPalsy in #publicSpaces in #pakistan . Pace2Life Welfare Foundation . Thank You #volunteers, #partners and #CPfamilies for taking part in this important day. 

Have Your School or Organisation Join us in raising Awareness about #CP in #Pakistan

Have your school or organisation join us in raising awareness about #CP in #Pakistan#WorldCPDay World CP Day

Get a sneak peek of what we do for #WorldCPDAY 2017 in #Pakistan #worldcpday #Lahore#StepupPakistan#Disability

Mehtab's Story

Voluntary CP Registry by CPASDPakistan

WhenWe at Step-Up Pakistan  decided to spread awareness about CP in Pakistan ,Time to time We are going to share Few of our very heart touching stories during our voluntary CP registry in Pakistan.  We saw a need to set up a database, it  was a huge task and  now it seems even bigger than before, but a one little advertisement in a Sunday NEWS paper brought so much response from allover Pakistan that it made our commitment to this cause more stronger.  It is rural or city, educated or uneducated desperation and the helplessness of families with CP or ASD like disabilities is not much different, ...We asked a few basic facts and reached to surprising   common scenarios in  these cases ; Most kids were born in hospitals or hospital like clinics (instead of an  expected at home traditional birth),even in smaller towns.Most of the kids faced oxygen deficiency at birth, or cried late. Most delayed development was noticed  by families within first year of birth.Most parents repeatedly consulte…

Vaccine Related Injuries Cause Worldwide Concern

Vaccine Related Injuries Cause Worldwide Concern
Parents around the world  are concerned about  the Vaccine related issues and their choices in this regard, Vaccine or immunization requirements are different in developing countries, however  at times WHO restrictions or recommendations, make them implement compulsory vaccine campaigns , like #Polio or other vaccines for apparently controlled diseases.
There are too many wrongs in this process  of Vaccines and immunizaton  work,  like OPV #Polio vaccines which are not allowed in developed nations where most of the developing  countries are still consuming them,it raises questions but no one is ready to accept the reality  yet, which represents only two  possible reasons behind this denial, one an urge to control  the world by few in leadership role, and secondly their funding sources " the Big  Pharmaceuticals" involved in this worldwide "Vaccinesbusiness".
Vaxxed a documentary about  Vaccine related controversy is get…

نوجوان سيريبرل پالسی سے متا ثرہ افراد اور انکے خاندان والوں کيلۓ ايک مشعل راہ Muratcan Cicek gets most Prestigious Scholarships from Google

Muratcan Cicek received one of the most prestigious scholarships from Google, overcoming his disabilities stemming from cerebral palsy.نو جوان مرات کين ترکی کے ايک چھوٹے سے شہر ميں سی پی کے ساتھ پيدا ہوا۔اسے چلنے،بولنے اور ہاتھوں کےاستعمال ميں دشواری تھی ہر سکول نے اسے داخلہ دينے سے انکار کر ديا جس کی وجہ سے اسکی ماں نے اسکی تعليم گھر پر ہی شروع کردی  اور اسکو بنيادی حساب اور پڑھنا سکھايا اورمرات نےبعد ميں ايک کمپيوٹر لينگويج ، ہسپانوی اور انگريزی بھی خود سے سيکھ لی ۔ تيسری جماعت سے سکول شروع کيا اور اپنے سکول کی کمپيوٹر سأنس کی کلاس ميں پہلےنمبر پرآيا وہ پچھلے تين سال سے ايک ايسے سوفٹ وئر پر کام کر رہا ہے جومعذور افراد کيلے زندگی بہتر بنا سکے وہ پہلاترک ہے جسے گوگل نے معذور افراد کيلۓ ايک بہت اعلیٰ پاۓ کا وظيفہ ديا ہے تاکہ وہ اپنا اور اپنی والدہ کا مشترکہ خواب پورا  کر سکے ۔ مرات اپنی کاميابی کی وجہ اپنی ماں کو قرار د يتا ہے جو ہر قدم پر اسکے ساتھ تھيں۔ اسکے علاوہ اسکو ايک يونيورسٹیميں  پی۔ايچ۔ ڈی  ميں داخلہ بھی مل گيا ہے