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ويکسين کيا ہے؟؟ ? What are Vaccinations

Vaccines were invented more than 200 years ago as a preventive tool to avoid most communicable childhood diseases like Chicken Pox, Measles📷
,Polio etc however with time there use expanded for flu, whooping cough like common illnesses as -well . For a long time Vaccines were considered harmless and a best invention for humanity too.
Mandatory Vaccine Practices:
Developed countries made vaccines mandatory for their citizens, a long list of vaccines are given to infants and many boosters later in their growing years. Initially this policy was applauded as a good preventive healthcare method to avoid outbreaks and epidemics,despite the modification in their types incidents of vaccine injuries and deaths are more frequent now than ever before, Now it is very evident that vaccines are “Not harmless” they are proven lethal in many cases worldwide they ruined lives there is so much debate and controversy going on about Vaccines that soon it will be hard for any conscientious government to keep them mandatory any more.
Just few of the links for an ongoing debate about the risks involved with Vaccinations.
Pakistan Vaccination Scenario :
Vaccine campaigns are conducted under WHO guidelines, and government of Pakistan’s s direct supervision (however Pakistan doesn’t have any part in manufacturing)
World have become into a shrinking global village, we get affected by every policy not only in our immediate environment, in our global sphere too, sometime by choice and sometime due to the
worldwide health regulations we vaccinate our children .
Expats “Time Travel” between developed world and home countries where laws and policies are decades apart from each other, many families who had their kids Vaccinated in developing countries and as a consequence faced a loss of child or disability for rest of their lives, are a good source of feedback for parents and healthcare providers in Pakistan to pay attention and not blindly follow immunisation schedules for their kids here in Pakistan.
Group 1: Pakistanis living abroad All expats follow laws in their countries of residences as it is mandatory to get their kids vaccinated for school,so they don't have much choice except to vaccinate.
Group 2: Living In Pakistan (Voluntarily)Many educated, well traveled Pakistani voluntarily vaccinate their kids as to them it seems like a preventive measure as “all developed world have mandatory vaccine laws , so there must be something right about them” .
Group 3:Focus for vaccine campaigns, Remote, rural, underprivileged
Third and most vulnerable population are our remote and urban underprivileged kids who are most affected by compulsory state backed campaigns like #Polio, #Measles or Rotavirus vaccines ,
There are few ongoing concerns about Pakistan Vaccine program as we are witnessing more incidents of reactions .
Quality control & Affordability : Pakistan receive OPV Polio vaccine as a cheaper affordable version for mass consumption secondly during storage, dispatch, temperature control can affect efficacy of these vaccines.
Hygiene Issue: OPV vaccines used for mass Polio immunisation can become a source of transmission of virus due to open toilet and overall lack of hygiene practices in refugee camps, rural and remote areas
Poverty and lack of Information: Basic mother and child-care is not very vigilant part of healthcare,only a severe vaccine reaction or a death will get noticed, less obvious delays and disabilities will be considered to be as “by birth” these kids can suffer disability for rest of their lives without even realising what caused it, definitely there is no possibility of any compensation or lawsuit to pharma for Pakistanis .

Local Hero: Waqas Ahmed

 Waqas Ahmed   Pace2Life Founder a Responsible Shehri
Waqas Ahmed    Responsible Shehri  مثالی شہری

A Remarkable Story of Waqas Ahmed and Pace2Life:

Waqas  chairman Pace 2 Life foundation, have a great story for his struggles; however ,he says he faced many hurdles during his youth when he tried  to get education in formal schools, despite his full mental capacity and willingness, rejection for  his  CP condition made him more committed to his vision of helping people with disability !

Waqas  himself never felt disabled, due to  his very own positive thinking and a very supportive friends and family especially his maternal grandfather Late Mr Hifz- ur -Rehman who was an educationist never gave up on him and provided him education !

About Waqas Ahmed:
 Waqas  Ahmed is  not an ordinary young man, He was born healthy but later  showed signs of #Cerebral Palsy . Thirty years ago awareness about #CP was even worst, as he was living in a village things got more delayed . Growing up Waqas never received proper diagnosis or intervention for  speech, vocational or physio therapy, he even  did not receive any diagnosis for #CP or Ataxia. He is an exception, and a born leader. He turned his setbacks into stepping stones for his cause,but he wants things to get easier for people with disabilities  all over #Pakistan. He started his work with his  friends from Government College  Lahore and founded Pace 2 Life  welfare foundation.
 About Pace 2 Life  :
  Waqas  is a  young celebrity  from Lahore to Balakot ( his beautiful  ancestral town) and around Government College Lahore, his Alma-mater.  He has been to many TV shows, and has been interviewed many times ,  met few important government personalities and amazed them with his personality.  He is an exceptional young man, who fought disability with his cool and positive attitude. Now from  last eight years he is successfully running a true non- for profit organisation Pace 2 Life .org as a Chairman. He is inspiring people with his leadership and focus, He is a very progressive mind ,  needs meaningful  encouragement  to continue his cause of helping those who can't ask for help. 
Waqas Ahmed  and his friends  via P2L  are doing some great work, all their efforts are volunteer based, and  powered by sheer passion and commitment of  young students  of GC and around it. Most their fundraising is done by these volunteer students and no foreign funding is involved.

  • P2L distributes  free wheelchairs, crutches, and customised tricycles to disabled on request.
  • Connects deprived to resources they need.
  • They  also reach out to public in  every disaster situations.
  • Now they have  another feather in their cap,  as they started a disabled women's vocational school in Gojra to enable them to support themselves.
  •  At P2L they  deliver free medical camps in rural and rural urban areas all over Pakistan.
  • P2L have an ambulance on their name, which is a great achievement , and they plan to use it for public service.


بچوں کی معذوری، پاکستان اور بنيادی انسانی حقوق، ہم کہاں کھڑے ہيں ؟

پاکستان سميت سارے ساوتھٔ ايشياميں إنسانی حقوق کو نظرانداز کيا جاتا ہے
اور اس کےنتيجے ميں جوانفرادی,اجتماعی معاشرتی اور معاشی اثرات مرتب ہو رہے ہيں
انکے سدباب کيلۓ کچھ ٹھوس اقدامات بھی نہيں کيۓ جاتے,اور جوکچھ کام إنٹيرنيشنل دباؤميں کيا جاتا ہے، وہ بہت سطحی ہے
- اين، جی،او ز جو اس کام ميں آگےآگے نظرآ تی ہيں انکی توجہ بھی زيادہ ترسرمايہ جمع کرنے تاثربنانے،اپنا
اثرورسوخ قایٔم کرنےميں صرف ہوتا ہے
حکومتی سطح پر انسانی حقوق کےإطلاق کا کویٔ نظام نہ ہوے کے برابرہے جس کی وجہ سے غير حکومتی فلاحی ادارے جو بھی کام کرتے ہيں انہيں جانچنے اور پرکھنے کاکویٔ پيمانہ نہيں ہےاورمتعلقہ حکومتی ادارے اپنی لاپرواہی کوچھپانے کيلٔے ان ااروں کے سطحی کام کو بغير کسی خاص معيار اورٹھوس قانونی ڈھانچے کے اطلاق کے توثيق اور حمايت بھی فراہم کرتے ہيں جنکی وجہ سے معذورافراد براہِ راست سماجی بہبود اور معذوروں کی بحالی کے اداروں تک رسایٔ سے محروم رہتےہيں۔بنيادی سہوليات جيسے
معذوری سرٹيفيکيٹ، نادرا کارڈ اور خدمت کارڈ جيسے اہم کام بھی ان کے لئےايک  لامتناہی اور اکثر بے ثمر کوشش ثابت ہوتی ہے   

پاکستان بھر ميں جب (سی،پی،اے،ايس،ڈی پاکستان) نے ايک رضاکارانہ سی پی کے واقعات کا اندراج کرنا شروع کيا توان ميں چند بہت   اہم مسائل سامنے آے جو نا صرف سی پی بلکہ بچوں ميں ابتدایئ عمر کی معذوری کیکئی اور بھی وجوہات کا پتہ چلا جو ايک غير  موثرصحت کا نظام  ہونے کی وجہ سے معذوری محتاجی، اور محرومی کی انتہا کاباعث بن جاتی ہيں                     بچوں ميں پيدائش کے فوراً بعد کئ قسم کی ايسی بيماریاں يا حالات پيدا ہوتےہيں جو انکی  بڑھوتی ميں رکاوٹ بچہ يافرد ہی نہيں پورے خاندان کی زندگی کومتاثرکرديتی ہے , بروقت تشخيص اور علاج کی مدا خلت نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے معذور بچے  اور اپنے بنيادی انسانی حقوق  تعليم ،علاج، تفريح اورترقی سےمحروم رہتے ہيں  اوربطور بالغ افراد معاشرے  کے کارآمد شہری کے طور پر اپنا کردار ادانہيں کر پاتے                                                                                                             

پاکستان ميں پوليو سے بچاؤ کيلۓ سخت اور فوری اقدامات کيۓ گۓ ،پوليوبچوں کو جسمانیمعذوری کا شکار کرتا ہےمگر سيريبرل پالسی جيسی بيماری جودنيا بھر ميں سترہ ملين سےزيادہ افرادکو متاثر کرتی ہےاور دنيا بھر ميں بچوں ميں ہونے والی معذوری کا سب سے بڑا سبب سمجھا جاتا ہے-( سي پی  کویئ  بخار،نزلہ کھانسی يا مليريا جيسی بيماری نہيں اور نا ہی موت کا سبب بنتی ہے مگر يہ ايک ايسی حالت ہے جو بہت سی بيماريوں معذوری اور پيچيدگیوں کا باعث بنتی ہے )،نہ ہی اس کے بارے کویٔپاليسی يا حکمت عملی حکوتی سطح پر وضع کی گیٔ ہے يہاں تک کہ سی پی اور بچوں سے متعلقہ صحت کے مسأیٔل ميں سی پی کاوجود تقريباً نابود ہےجو کہ إنسانی حقوق اور معذوروں کے حقوق کی کھلی خلاف ورزی ہے" سيريبرل پالسی" سےبچاؤ،تشخيص اور بحالی کيليۓ ايک واضح حکمتِ عملی جو صحت اور سماجی بہبود کے مشترکہ لأیٌحہ عمل پر مشتمل ہو،کی ضرورت  ہے

This World CP Day 2017 StepUp Pakistan Going National to International !

StepUp Pakistan and P2L Exploring Accessible Pakistan WCPD2017

WCPD2017 Exploring Accessible Pakistan
       Our World CP Day Awareness Walk at Greater Iqbal Park Lahore: We at #StepUp4Pakistan this #WorldCPDay2017 challenged our team to #ExploreAccessiblePakistan which included a tour with #SightseeingBusLahore and a #Walk @GreaterIqblPark with our #volunteers, #partners and #CPfamilies. It was an important step to measure #real extent of #accessibility #Disability #Inclusion #awareness #CerebralPalsy in #publicSpaces in #pakistan . Pace2Life Welfare Foundation . Thank You #volunteers, #partners and #CPfamilies for taking part in this important day. 

Have Your School or Organisation Join us in raising Awareness about #CP in #Pakistan

Have your school or organisation join us in raising awareness about #CP in #Pakistan#WorldCPDay World CP Day

Get a sneak peek of what we do for #WorldCPDAY 2017 in #Pakistan #worldcpday #Lahore #StepupPakistan #Disability

Voluntary CP Registry by CPASDPakistan

A free Technology can be an only Ray of Hope for many with CP/disability
 When We at Step-Up Pakistan  decided to spread awareness about CP in Pakistan ,Time to time We are going to share Few of our very heart touching stories during our voluntary CP registry in Pakistan.
 We saw a need to set up a database, it  was a huge task and  now it seems even bigger than before, but a one little advertisement in a Sunday NEWS paper brought so much response from allover Pakistan that it made our commitment to this cause more stronger.
 It is rural or city, educated or uneducated desperation and the helplessness of families with CP or ASD like disabilities is not much different, ...We asked a few basic facts and reached to surprising   common scenarios in  these cases ;
  1. Most kids were born in hospitals or hospital like clinics (instead of an  expected at home traditional birth),even in smaller towns.
  2. Most of the kids faced oxygen deficiency at birth, or cried late. 
  3. Most delayed development was noticed  by families within first year of birth.
  4. Most parents repeatedly consulted doctors, even travelled from their towns to big cities.
  5. Most families were not given enough information about the condition or the need of  intervention  and therapy was emphasised.
  6. None of the families were receiving any social welfare income like Social Security/ Khidmat card, despite their disability.
  7. Most parents can not  give their kids required nutritional supplement, therapy,diapers and struggle for medicine , however they feel ashamed and have too much pride to ask or complain about not getting stipend etc.
  8. Only parents with more educated back grounds understand their child's condition, however lack of awareness , guidance and system holds them back or make them to think about migration, to developed  countries.
  9. Families which are privileged and educated  enough to get information still struggle and usually get disappointed in getting rehabilitative and sincere medical guidance especially if they are in remote towns.
  10. A simple word like CP is not given to them. These parents are ignored and mislead ,to a level of criminal  negligence.  

NOTE:   It is not about cure and treatment , frustration is due to negligence of medical doctors at the time of birth, or later not intervening when delay happens, irony of the health care  situation is  cold and criminal, despite a net work of  big specialised children hospitals under government, with supposedly free treatment parents have to spend huge amount of money on doctors visits, to specialists and children hospitals, they are not briefed about the condition, need for therapy, or rehabilitative services no suggestions to followup were made, prescriptions are written in English with technical terms which only a medical professional can understand. 

When a father of  6 years old  boy 

 with delayed development and an un-diagnosed disability is told his story of struggle in  sheer frustration , in this case this poor father was fooled for 5 years , from expensive tests to over the counter tonics were to fix  their child who was developmentally delayed since his infancy 
Parents of CP kids in Pakistan talking about their struggle

  •  When a father of a 12 years old girl asks for guidance
  • She cant talk, sit or walk, Her life is limited to a bed, no formal assessment is done, she never had any therapy yet, apparently she understands every thing  but never given chance to get education,or speech assessment..... Unfortunately this family lives in  a small town of #Sindh which is not much ready for rehabilitative services yet.

نوجوان سيريبرل پالسی سے متا ثرہ افراد اور انکے خاندان والوں کيلۓ ايک مشعل راہ Muratcan Cicek gets most Prestigious Scholarships from Google

 Muratcan Cicek received one of the most prestigious scholarships from Google, overcoming his disabilities stemming from cerebral palsy. 

نو جوان مرات کين ترکی کے ايک چھوٹے سے شہر ميں سی پی کے ساتھ پيدا ہوا۔اسے چلنے،بولنے اور ہاتھوں کےاستعمال ميں دشواری تھی ہر سکول نے اسے داخلہ دينے سے انکار کر ديا جس کی وجہ سے اسکی ماں نے اسکی تعليم گھر پر ہی شروع کردی  اور اسکو بنيادی حساب اور پڑھنا سکھايا اورمرات نےبعد ميں ايک کمپيوٹر لينگويج ، ہسپانوی اور انگريزی بھی خود سے سيکھ لی ۔ تيسری جماعت سے سکول شروع کيا اور اپنے سکول کی کمپيوٹر سأنس کی کلاس ميں پہلےنمبر پرآيا وہ پچھلے تين سال سے ايک ايسے سوفٹ وئر پر کام کر رہا ہے جومعذور افراد کيلے زندگی بہتر بنا سکے وہ پہلاترک ہے جسے گوگل نے معذور افراد کيلۓ ايک بہت اعلیٰ پاۓ کا وظيفہ ديا ہے تاکہ وہ اپنا اور اپنی والدہ کا مشترکہ خواب پورا  کر سکے ۔ مرات اپنی کاميابی کی وجہ اپنی ماں کو قرار د يتا ہے جو ہر قدم پر اسکے ساتھ تھيں۔ اسکے علاوہ اسکو ايک يونيورسٹیميں  پی۔ايچ۔ ڈی  ميں داخلہ بھی مل گيا ہے


Cochlear Implants in Pakistan for Hearing impaired پاکستان ميں دستياب کوہيلر امپلانٹس

کوہيلر امپلانٹس جب سے پاکستان ميں دستياب ہوۓ ہيں سماعت سے محروم بچوں کے والدين ميں اميد کی کرن روشن ہوگیٌ تاہم کسی  بھی بڑا قدم اٹھانے سے پہلے ضروری ہے کہ اپنے طور پر اس موضع پر اپنی معلومات بڑھايں اور کسی ماہر اور متعلقہ تجربہ رکھنے والے ڈاکٹر  کے مشورے اور زيرِنگرانی ہی کروايں۔يہ ايک بہت مہنگا اور لمبا عمل ہے ہر پہلو کو جانچ کر ليں،نيچے کچھ لنک ہيں ان کو پڑھيں اور شيرٔ کريں

 After Cochlear Implant, there is  a lot of curiosity and hope for families with hearing impaired children, considering that each and every case is different and unique,only an experienced and qualified physician can make the final recommendations for your child, however it is important to do your own research and homework sort of thing before you sign up for any big investment financially or physically for your kid.

🔖Read Story and Struggle for a Cochlear Implants in Pakistan 

🔖CHK Performs Cochlear Implant Surgery 2016

🔖Bahria Town Hospital Lahore Takes the Lead in Cochlear Transplant

Alam Audiology Clinic Lahore 

Alam Audiology Clinic was established under the supervision of Dr. Afzaal Alam the leading Audiologist/Audiological Physician of the country who is a graduate of the famous King Edward Medical College, Lahore and had his postgraduate qualification M.Sc. Audiological Medicine from the University of Manchester England.
Dr. Afzaal Alam has wide spread experience in assessment and offering treatment facilities to children and adults having hearing and speech disorders. All patients are examined with the latest equipment and if required they are fitted with latest invisible digital hearing aids. Patients having serious problems of tinnitus (ringing noises in the ears) are offered specialized treatment to get rid of this annoying problem.
The cochlear implantation is a revolutionary treatment for deaf patients. The children who do not get benefit with super power hearing aids or not develop speech are the most favourable candidates for cochlear implant operations. Now for last many years big number of children are attending normal schools after successful surgery of cochlear implants by Dr. Afzaal Alam and his team 

The Alam Audiology Center utilises the most up to date equipment, to offer the most comprehensive audiology and hearing aids services in the area:


 Puretone audiometry
 Speech audiometry
 Behavioral Hearing tests
 Acoustic admittance measurements
 Otoacoustic emissions
 Evoked response audiometry
 New born screening
 Pre-employment screening
 School screening service


Hearing Aid

 Full assessment of hearing-loss
 Hearing aid fitting, evaluation and verification
 Independent, unbiased advice (Not tied to any manufacturer)
 Widest range of instruments
 White noise generators (Tinnitus Maskers)
 Real ear Measurement facilities
 Extensive after-care service


Cochlear Implant

 Pre implant assessment & counselling
 Promontory electrical stimulation
 Diagnostic Habilitation
 Long term assessment, rehabilitation & maintenance



 Tinnitus evaluation & therapy
 Aural rehabilitation 
 Vestibular rehabilitation



 Tinnitus evaluation & therapy
 Aural rehabilitation
 Vestibular rehabilitation