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Cochlear Implants in Pakistan for Hearing impaired پاکستان ميں دستياب کوہيلر امپلانٹس

کوہيلر امپلانٹس جب سے پاکستان ميں دستياب ہوۓ ہيں سماعت سے محروم بچوں کے والدين ميں اميد کی کرن روشن ہوگیٌ تاہم کسی  بھی بڑا قدم اٹھانے سے پہلے ضروری ہے کہ اپنے طور پر اس موضع پر اپنی معلومات بڑھايں اور کسی ماہر اور متعلقہ تجربہ رکھنے والے ڈاکٹر  کے مشورے اور زيرِنگرانی ہی کروايں۔يہ ايک بہت مہنگا اور لمبا عمل ہے ہر پہلو کو جانچ کر ليں،نيچے کچھ لنک ہيں ان کو پڑھيں اور شيرٔ کريں

 After Cochlear Implant, there is  a lot of curiosity and hope for families with hearing impaired children, considering that each and every case is different and unique,only an experienced and qualified physician can make the final recommendations for your child, however it is important to do your own research and homework sort of thing before you sign up for any big investment financially or physically for your kid.

🔖Read Story and Struggle for a Cochlear Implants in Pakistan 

🔖CHK Performs Cochlear Implant Surgery 2016

🔖Bahria Town Hospital Lahore Takes the Lead in Cochlear Transplant

Alam Audiology Clinic Lahore 

Alam Audiology Clinic was established under the supervision of Dr. Afzaal Alam the leading Audiologist/Audiological Physician of the country who is a graduate of the famous King Edward Medical College, Lahore and had his postgraduate qualification M.Sc. Audiological Medicine from the University of Manchester England.
Dr. Afzaal Alam has wide spread experience in assessment and offering treatment facilities to children and adults having hearing and speech disorders. All patients are examined with the latest equipment and if required they are fitted with latest invisible digital hearing aids. Patients having serious problems of tinnitus (ringing noises in the ears) are offered specialized treatment to get rid of this annoying problem.
The cochlear implantation is a revolutionary treatment for deaf patients. The children who do not get benefit with super power hearing aids or not develop speech are the most favourable candidates for cochlear implant operations. Now for last many years big number of children are attending normal schools after successful surgery of cochlear implants by Dr. Afzaal Alam and his team 

The Alam Audiology Center utilises the most up to date equipment, to offer the most comprehensive audiology and hearing aids services in the area:


 Puretone audiometry
 Speech audiometry
 Behavioral Hearing tests
 Acoustic admittance measurements
 Otoacoustic emissions
 Evoked response audiometry
 New born screening
 Pre-employment screening
 School screening service


Hearing Aid

 Full assessment of hearing-loss
 Hearing aid fitting, evaluation and verification
 Independent, unbiased advice (Not tied to any manufacturer)
 Widest range of instruments
 White noise generators (Tinnitus Maskers)
 Real ear Measurement facilities
 Extensive after-care service


Cochlear Implant

 Pre implant assessment & counselling
 Promontory electrical stimulation
 Diagnostic Habilitation
 Long term assessment, rehabilitation & maintenance



 Tinnitus evaluation & therapy
 Aural rehabilitation 
 Vestibular rehabilitation



 Tinnitus evaluation & therapy
 Aural rehabilitation
 Vestibular rehabilitation




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