Dangerous Doctors Conducting Illegal Kidney Transplants

Going to the doctor can make you feel nervous but it should not be a cause for serious concern. In our first post about Dangerous Doctors, let's turn our attention to the illegal kidney transplants scandal in Lahore. 

Fawad Mumtaz, the doctor leading the group of criminals is a plastic surgeon and he is not qualified to carry out sensitive and life-endangering surgical operations like a kidney transplant. The other doctor is Altamash Kheral, who is under training as anaesthetist at Lahore General Hospital and holds the general secretary post at the Young Doctors Association. Not only was the group carrying out these 'off-the-table' procedures illegally, they were conducting them from a private residence.

Organ trafficking is widespread because there are not any fast, safe methods to speed up the kidney transplant option within the hospitals and clinics. Rather than luring in poor people who will sell their precious organs and get operated on in unhygienic environments, it is recommended that the government and concerned organisations set up a deceased organ donor program.