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ويکسين کيا ہے؟؟ ? What are Vaccinations

Vaccines were invented more than 200 years ago as a preventive tool to avoid most communicable childhood diseases like Chicken Pox, Measles📷
,Polio etc however with time there use expanded for flu, whooping cough like common illnesses as -well . For a long time Vaccines were considered harmless and a best invention for humanity too.
Mandatory Vaccine Practices:
Developed countries made vaccines mandatory for their citizens, a long list of vaccines are given to infants and many boosters later in their growing years. Initially this policy was applauded as a good preventive healthcare method to avoid outbreaks and epidemics,despite the modification in their types incidents of vaccine injuries and deaths are more frequent now than ever before, Now it is very evident that vaccines are “Not harmless” they are proven lethal in many cases worldwide they ruined lives there is so much debate and controversy going on about Vaccines that soon it will be hard for any conscientious government to keep them mandatory any more.
Just few of the links for an ongoing debate about the risks involved with Vaccinations.
Pakistan Vaccination Scenario :
Vaccine campaigns are conducted under WHO guidelines, and government of Pakistan’s s direct supervision (however Pakistan doesn’t have any part in manufacturing)
World have become into a shrinking global village, we get affected by every policy not only in our immediate environment, in our global sphere too, sometime by choice and sometime due to the
worldwide health regulations we vaccinate our children .
Expats “Time Travel” between developed world and home countries where laws and policies are decades apart from each other, many families who had their kids Vaccinated in developing countries and as a consequence faced a loss of child or disability for rest of their lives, are a good source of feedback for parents and healthcare providers in Pakistan to pay attention and not blindly follow immunisation schedules for their kids here in Pakistan.
Group 1: Pakistanis living abroad All expats follow laws in their countries of residences as it is mandatory to get their kids vaccinated for school,so they don't have much choice except to vaccinate.
Group 2: Living In Pakistan (Voluntarily)Many educated, well traveled Pakistani voluntarily vaccinate their kids as to them it seems like a preventive measure as “all developed world have mandatory vaccine laws , so there must be something right about them” .
Group 3:Focus for vaccine campaigns, Remote, rural, underprivileged
Third and most vulnerable population are our remote and urban underprivileged kids who are most affected by compulsory state backed campaigns like #Polio, #Measles or Rotavirus vaccines ,
There are few ongoing concerns about Pakistan Vaccine program as we are witnessing more incidents of reactions .
Quality control & Affordability : Pakistan receive OPV Polio vaccine as a cheaper affordable version for mass consumption secondly during storage, dispatch, temperature control can affect efficacy of these vaccines.
Hygiene Issue: OPV vaccines used for mass Polio immunisation can become a source of transmission of virus due to open toilet and overall lack of hygiene practices in refugee camps, rural and remote areas
Poverty and lack of Information: Basic mother and child-care is not very vigilant part of healthcare,only a severe vaccine reaction or a death will get noticed, less obvious delays and disabilities will be considered to be as “by birth” these kids can suffer disability for rest of their lives without even realising what caused it, definitely there is no possibility of any compensation or lawsuit to pharma for Pakistanis .

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