Best Disability Work Pakistan:Top Ten

Pakistan have hundreds of local and international organisations working for the disabled however only a few of them are doing a remarkable job, which are clearly ahead of  the crowd in their focus dedication and an impactful role in disability field here. 

We are going to highlight their names  and website links here however this is just a start so it is not a final  or formal ranking , We will be adding more names to it and will  be sharing all the sustainable, innovative  work  being done in disability sector  with "Shehri" followers.

  1. Now PDP Karachi
  2. Paraplegic Center Peshawar
  3. Pace2Life Welfare Foundation Lahore
  4. Zobia Nazlee Trust Muzafarabad AJK
  5. CHAL Foundation Islamabad
  6. CARP Organisation Islamabad
  7. NDF Pakistan Nawabshah
  8. Akbar Care Institute Peshawar
  9. PIPOS Peshawar
  10. Roshnee org Lahore

*If you are linked to an organisation or as an individual working for the betterment of the Disabled in Pakistan, Share your work with us just by messaging us on FB @stepup4pakistan or via email to

We will be updating* this list of  "Pakistan's best performing NGOs, I/NGOs, welfare organisations and individual efforts on regular basis.

*There will be a separate list for  schools focused on special education .



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