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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Campaign by Step-Up Pakistan

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Campaign  by Step-Up Pakistan

Last few moths we realised the importance of Urdu translation for a better reach!

Cerebral Palsy & ASD Awareness Pakistan 

World CP DAY 
Year 2016 Step-Up Pakistan joined hands with worldCPday,org  to spread awareness about Cerebral Palsy  in Pakistan. This blog  is a part of our volunteer program "Step-Up Pakistan", which is about  development related awareness  in our daily lives from basic human rights to education,  literacy and well being of disabled and senior,  

We  aim to target United Nation's SDG  which emphasise on disabled rights and their importance in poverty reduction and development.

Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood, which affects movement and posture.There are millions of people all around the world suffering with CP,  however in Pakistan we don't have the exact data or knowledge about CP affected people ;Thereforewe can not prevent, try to intervene or manage a basic care system for  CP persons .

 Like rest of the South Asia  Disability rights are at  it's minimum  here, disabled are sympathised but not  encouraged or expected to live with their full potential.

 Few institutions  and a  few people are doing some great work in this regard ;however, over all picture regarding basic human rights of disabled  is not  satisfactory. 

Join Us ,  Volunteer With Us  any Way You Think You Can Contribute, For  an Inclusive Pakistan !

FB Group: CPASDPakistan  FB Page: Step-UP Pakistan 

  • As a first step; We want to  collect data by registering maximum people with the help of  our volunteers for CP campaign, and to  figure out a number to work, request and demand better services for CP. 
  • Research; We need our own research our own facts for localised solutions.
  • Awareness;We intend to gather all concerned Pakistanis, CP affected persons, their friends and families,  all to share knowledge about CP and ASD disorders and solutions in Pakistan. 
  •  We  want to create an atmosphere for early intervention, to improve quality of life for disabled persons and then their right for  education. 
  • Social Welfare as Part of Healthcare system; We want to bring change in nationwide  health care  system  which understands the importance of timely intervention for  the care and prevention of developmental disorders like Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder .

Cerebral Palsy and ASD Awareness Pakistan  Campaign an Overview :

We were really excited to get Zain his first chair, which was best suited his needs .
20161005_111652Children at St Stephen's responded well to the information they gathered at first session for CP awareness ..

World CP Day 2016 Pakistan

We at Step-Up Pakistan had a very busy and eventful year since we joined  hands with to spread awareness about CP in Pakistan. There were ideas,plans, diversions, and adjustments however we still feel  a sense of accomplishment  where we made an impact.At first it was just “getting your foot in the door ” kind of scenario if you talk about Cerebral Palsy and disability in Pakistan , but we kept at it, asking, sharing translating, explaining the need, and inviting curious minds to explore about disability and particularly  CP . As 99.9% schools are not inclusive in Pakistan, accessibility  is scarce, it needs imagination to create that empathy, we created small little educational videos, flashcards and empathy games to introduce kids and teachers about “what CP can look like, and how much acceptance and intervention is required, We are glad we made a way for sharing information about  CP cases for those are out of the loop.We are on social media, and reaching out to the people at the grassroots level, who can benefit most from our coordination for better services, rehab, and education.
There are things in the pipeline for coming year, we plan to expand our volunteer base nationwide,with an easy to replicate model of projects.
We are excited to see an overwhelming response for people who want to volunteer and like the opportunity to join this cause.
We thank  World CP Day.Org for creating this opportunity , tools and the encouragement we received.



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