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Local Hero: Waqas Ahmed

 Waqas Ahmed   Pace2Life Founder a Responsible Shehri
Waqas Ahmed    Responsible Shehri  مثالی شہری

A Remarkable Story of Waqas Ahmed and Pace2Life:

Waqas  chairman Pace 2 Life foundation, have a great story for his struggles; however ,he says he faced many hurdles during his youth when he tried  to get education in formal schools, despite his full mental capacity and willingness, rejection for  his  CP condition made him more committed to his vision of helping people with disability !

Waqas  himself never felt disabled, due to  his very own positive thinking and a very supportive friends and family especially his maternal grandfather Late Mr Hifz- ur -Rehman who was an educationist never gave up on him and provided him education !

About Waqas Ahmed:
 Waqas  Ahmed is  not an ordinary young man, He was born healthy but later  showed signs of #Cerebral Palsy . Thirty years ago awareness about #CP was even worst, as he was living in a village things got more delayed . Growing up Waqas never received proper diagnosis or intervention for  speech, vocational or physio therapy, he even  did not receive any diagnosis for #CP or Ataxia. He is an exception, and a born leader. He turned his setbacks into stepping stones for his cause,but he wants things to get easier for people with disabilities  all over #Pakistan. He started his work with his  friends from Government College  Lahore and founded Pace 2 Life  welfare foundation.
 About Pace 2 Life  :
  Waqas  is a  young celebrity  from Lahore to Balakot ( his beautiful  ancestral town) and around Government College Lahore, his Alma-mater.  He has been to many TV shows, and has been interviewed many times ,  met few important government personalities and amazed them with his personality.  He is an exceptional young man, who fought disability with his cool and positive attitude. Now from  last eight years he is successfully running a true non- for profit organisation Pace 2 Life .org as a Chairman. He is inspiring people with his leadership and focus, He is a very progressive mind ,  needs meaningful  encouragement  to continue his cause of helping those who can't ask for help. 
Waqas Ahmed  and his friends  via P2L  are doing some great work, all their efforts are volunteer based, and  powered by sheer passion and commitment of  young students  of GC and around it. Most their fundraising is done by these volunteer students and no foreign funding is involved.

  • P2L distributes  free wheelchairs, crutches, and customised tricycles to disabled on request.
  • Connects deprived to resources they need.
  • They  also reach out to public in  every disaster situations.
  • Now they have  another feather in their cap,  as they started a disabled women's vocational school in Gojra to enable them to support themselves.
  •  At P2L they  deliver free medical camps in rural and rural urban areas all over Pakistan.
  • P2L have an ambulance on their name, which is a great achievement , and they plan to use it for public service.




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