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Hiba Chair, Not a Perfect CP chair yet, Still first for Zain

Not a Perfect Wheelchair ,Still first for Zain

     When  CPASD Pakistan  started it's search for sitting and mobility solution for CP kids our main  focus were kids from underprivileged families who are not in any system to get evaluated or find help with rehab.Sitting is first difficulty CP kids face, and minimum resources keeps these kids confined to their beds only.

We got this "Hiba Chair" custom made from a local medical equipment providers, which usually just sell imported stuff, there was not much affordable choice for our requirement.This chair was a huge change for Zain's and his family, it needs a little improvement  in quality and function .
With local environment and weather demands in mind, we are still  searching for a locally  produced sustainable chair for CP kids, who have no  other sitting solutions which creates negative impact  on their posture ,overall health and  quality of life,

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