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Over View , Looking Back and Looking Forward !

We at  Cerebral Palsy and ASD Awareness Pakistan trying to reduce concerns for  the parents of children with developmental delays. We provide guidance and awareness for these families (it is an all volunteer effort), We connect  them with  relevant services to improve  quality of life , one person at a time!.

As we are continuing our #CP volunteer #registry we noticed that a lot of cases are more representative of #Autism than #CP or overlapping in both conditions. Most of  these cases range from 2 years to 20 years old either from villages or big cities, educated or uneducated all parents are equally frustrated, isolated and confused from "where to seek help" to  "what to expect" kind of  never ending worries about their kids future.

Despite trips to specialists in big cities, including repeated expensive tests these parents with special needs kids still face confusion, and their despair only increases with time.

While  state run Special -Ed schools in Pakistan are equipped for hearing  assessment ,  teaching to non-verbal students,  Speech delay is a huge concern and alarming, lack of intervention just proves negligence  .

Many kids with special needs are getting help from Not-for- profit organisations  They get rehabilitative therapies and some even get education from these state run or private organisation, however there are a lot more kids which if they encounter developmental disabilities are vulnerable to be left out  of the system to get any help like therapy, rehab or special-ed .

Emphasise  on repetitive  therapy sessions as an early intervention tool to prevent disability.

There is a lack of vigilance and a widespread apathy regarding disability, People which encounter these families first,.. like  paediatricians, neurologists and pharmacists, schools and teachers can take up this responsibility to guide and lead them towards hope and recovery and if emphasise on repetitive  therapy sessions as an early intervention tool to prevent disability, can serve as a vital source of  intervention .

On a Positive Note:

  • It is very encouraging to see that there are few very enthusiastic students from Physical Therapy field and  a few young  physicians which want to contribute their knowledge for the betterment of the disabled kids with CP and their quality of life.

  • We are very optimistic  and looking forward to  more volunteer work from our medical field, engineering students and Technical minds,We need medical equipment companies and architects to focus on Universal Design and inclusive communities.
You can send your suggestion to

 We at CPASD Pakistan (Stepup4Pakistan) believe that no effort is too small, just a few hours from your busy week to provide therapy session to a poor kid who  is not in the system to get help ever,a design idea to make sitting possible for a CP child, a post which shares knowledge and hope to a family fighting with disability without any guidance can change someone's life for ever,..
Social welfare  can not be achieved from abundance of funds only,  it also need
 a  responsible community which  may takes pride in it's winners  yet waits for the slow runners to finish the race, which believes in equality and equity both !


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