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ويکسين کيا ہے؟؟ ? What are Vaccinations

Vaccines were invented more than 200 years ago as a preventive tool to avoid most communicable childhood diseases like Chicken Pox, Measles📷, Polio etc, however with time there use expanded for flu, whooping cough like common illnesses as -well . For a long time Vaccines were considered harmless and a best invention for humanity too. Mandatory Vaccine Practices: Vaccines are mandatory in most developed countries citizens , a long list of vaccines are given to infants and many boosters later in their growing years. Initially this policy was applauded as a good preventive healthcare method to avoid outbreaks and epidemics, despite the modification in their types incidents of vaccine injuries and deaths are more frequent now than ever before, Now it is very evident that vaccines are “Not harmless” they are proven lethal in many cases worldwide they ruined lives there is so much debate and controversy going on about Vaccines that soon it will be hard for any conscientious governmen…