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Waqas Ahmed Chairman Pace2Life Welfare Foundation in Kasur : Speech on World Disability Day

Waqas Ahmed Chairman  Pace2Life Welfare Foundation: Speech on International Day of PWD at Kasur

قصور میں آج کا دن اسپیشل بچوں کے نام کردیا گیا ۔ ضلع کونسل میں منعقد کی گئی تقریب میں سپیشل بچوں نے ہاتھوں کے اشاروں سے قومی ترانہ اور ٹیبلوز پیش کرکے شرکا سے خوب داد وصول کی اسی پر ملک عارف علی کی رپورٹ دیکھتے ہیں ۔۔۔۔

* Program organized by Abdul Qudoos exective member Pace2life with the colaboration of Govt. Special Education institutes of kasur.

*Welcome tablo presented by govt. Special school for Hearing Impaired kasur

*Tabloo on special achiever of special community presented by govt school for slowlearner kasur

*National anthom presented by special students of all four disabilities especially deaf students in sign language

*Tabloo on Wheels on the bus presented by the students of Govt special education center kasur

*Tabloo on healthy food presented by Govt. Special school for HI Kasur

World Disability Day 2019 معذ وروں کا عا لمی د ن

مین سٹریم  میڈیا، ٹی وی  چینلز جوسیکڑوں گھنٹے سنسنی خیز معاملات کو لیکر شور مچا ے رکھتے ہیں چند لمحو ں سے زیادہ اس مو ضوع کو توجہ نہیں د تے یآج  ا یک  ا و ر معذ وروں کا عا لمی د ن  ا و ر پا کستان میں ا نکے حقوق سے مکمل لا پرو ا ہی برقرار

World Disability Day 2019 is here again and like always it creates some superficial level activities, events with flowers and cake or a few posts on  FB page. There is a huge void in regulations for the rights of the PWD in Pakistan, there is a need for the policy to implement prevention , rehab and inclusion measures to fight disability at urgent basis.

CP in PAKISTAN : Mehtab

This bright young man Mehtab Gilani have a bright personality and an inquisitive mind  , He loves to use social media and tries to communicate even when he is non -verbal . He lives in Lahore. He is a good example of a lack of a system which wastes potential of a person by not intervening when a child get diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in Pakistan .

Best Rehabilitative Work in Pakistan : Paraplegic Center Peshawar

پیراپلیجیک سنٹر کے متعلق اب تک کی سب سے بہترین ڈاکومینٹری۔

دیکھئیے اور دوستوں کے ساتھ ضرور شیئر کریں

Paraplegic Center Peshawar  "PCP” is an autonomous body working under the umbrella of the department of Health, Govt of KP, providing free of cost, “Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Services” to people with spinal cord injuries from KP, FATA & the rest of the country.

INTRODUCTION "Paraplegic centre Peshawar, is an autonomous body working under the umbrella of the department of health, Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, providing free of cost, “Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Services” including, Skilled Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Orthotic Management, Psychological Counseling, Recreational Activities, Skills Building, Community Re-Integration, provision of Custom Made WheelChairs, Adoptive/ Supportive equipments and Follow Up Services including minor home modifications along with Medical and Nursing care of people with Post Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries from K…

Pakistan: Assessment , Rehab and Therapy Service Providers for CP (Cerebral Palsy )

We have created an ongoing  list of Rehabilitative services like assessment , Physio ,Speech and Occupational Therapy to wheelchair and other equipment providers in pakistan, We kept it citywise to connect families  with services near them . Download Here : CP Service Providers in Pakistan

Yeh CP Hy ? | Urdu | 'What is CP?' by Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare | Cerebral Palsy

Watch on  Our YouTube Channel here !Video Translation in Urdu :    YehCPHy! WCPD2019

Our latest #Urdu  Translation for the  | 'What is CP?'  video by Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare | Cerebral Palsy
We  spread awareness about #CerebralPalsy in #Pakistan, where we  have created a #WebOfCare between #CP impacted and service providers however most importantly, We translated  materials about CP in our official local language #Urdu, to increase the level of attention #CP gets in Pakistan. Our translations are free to download  and intended to provide information not only for the patients and caregivers , for the, physicians, students as well. 

"World Cerebral Palsy Day 2019 CP In Pakistan" : #MoveAsOne Event .

Best Disability Work Pakistan:Top Ten

Pakistan have hundreds of local and international organisations working for the disabled however only a few of them are doing a remarkable job, which are clearly ahead of  the crowd in their focus dedication and an impactful role in disability field here.  We are going to highlight their names  and website links here however this is just a start so it is not a final  or formal ranking , We will be adding more names to it and will  be sharing all the sustainable, innovative  work  being done in disability sector  with "Shehri" followers.Now PDP Karachi Paraplegic Center PeshawarPace2Life Welfare Foundation LahoreZobia Nazlee Trust Muzafarabad AJKCHAL Foundation IslamabadCARP Organisation IslamabadNDF Pakistan NawabshahAkbar Care Institute Peshawar PIPOS Peshawar Roshnee org Lahore *If you are linked to an organisation or as an individual working for the betterment of the Disabled in Pakistan, Share your work with us just by messaging us on FB @stepup4pakistan or via emai…