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Less -Tech Schools and Lockdown Measures in Pakistan

New Normal with Covid19 !

As the lockdown was announced from province to province in Pakistan, schools were thrown into a frenzy. They had little time to shift from onsite teaching to a completely remote, online classroom mode for their entire student bodies. What resulted in that rush were hastily implemented online study protocols, and a focus on maintaining ‘business-as-usual’. As a result of a nationwide lockdown, a smooth transition from on-site education to online education was desperately required. This consists of the complete adoption of everything that comes under online education - the syllabi, the tools, the technology- everything!

Here are a few of the possible issues that students, their parents, and school staff members may be facing at this moment:

-The assumption that all parents and students have ready access to smartphones, laptops, computers, and reliable/uninterrupted internet access.

-Teachers and their students are expected to maintain the pace of instruction and study with little acknowledgment of the global crisis situation. While teachers and students are being asked to stay home for their safety, it does not guarantee that they are not experiencing stress from other sources.

-There can be varying levels of digital literacy among all those involved - can be a teacher, a student, or a parent.

-There is no way to gauge the students’ engagement via online instruction -especially without a trial period.

-Half-implemented online education portals, with missing instructions, vague directions, and an overall lack of information all result in wasted time and frustration.

What are some of your concerns when it comes to online education for K-12 in Pakistan?


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